The Need To Meditate

Posted: May 5, 2012 in LifeBlog

Hi Everyone,

In each one of us there is a longing to know – to find out who we really are, what our purpose in life is, who created us,why and what makes the universe tick.

This yearning is a real human need, yet most men choose to pay it no heed. for this, they pay a price – the gnawing sense that something is lacking, that life has little meaning, and that we are incomplete.

To make man complete, to sate his longing for true wisdom – one has to “go within” his self through MEDITATION and become attuned with one’s inner being.

Remember the ancient dictum “Man Know Thyself” which was inscribed above the entrance to a Greek temple believed to be uttered by the Oracle of Delphi and repeated by ancient philosophers such as Socrates – for me, this really refers to meditation within and may mean that i should learn about my desires, strengths, weaknesses and other personal characteristics and propensities, but to others it has a deeper meaning – it means that one has to thoroughly understand the mystery of one’s nature. In so doing, one also understands the nature of God and the Universe for there’s another maxim that states “Man was made in the image of God”


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