The Technique of Creative Visualization

Posted: May 5, 2012 in LifeBlog

The Technique of Creative Visualization


The means by which all the realities in the world today were manifested have actually been gained through the technique of visualization. Everything that has ever been invented, conceived, and created came about through the process of employing mental power. The aspect of physically building these things is only part of the materialization process; it is part of the effects, and not part of the cause.


The theory of the Holographic Universe states that every one of us is a creator of our own world. The entirety of the external universe is only a picture in our brains, which we process, edit and create according to our belief system, our world views and our mental powers. This has been proven over and over again by such phenomena as the placebo effect, psychic phenomena and mind over matter – things which defy all known scientific laws and spit in the face of classical Newtonian and Einsteinian physics.


To sum everything up in one sentence: WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY. Literally!


If one can start to accept this, one may then ask: How do I direct these creations so that they correspond with my desires and wishes? Because, like it or not, what we have created so far may not have been quite what we wanted.


The answer is through Visualization. This is a time-tested and proven technique to bring about the realization of desires, goals and dreams in life. It is based on the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, among other Universal Laws. Best of all, it is free, easy to do and a joy to perform.


The technique of Visualization


One must remember, however – and this is a disclaimer – that it is not for the lazy, for it requires the use of all of our senses and persistent effort. Laziness has and will never be a part of human progress. What power one will get, one must acquire! Thus, although visualization is the key to the true achievement of goals, it is not a lazy path. The upside to visualization is that it is easier, it is faster, and it is the most efficient way to get what we want in life.


The first step is to know what you want. Be really sure about this and make this goal a long-term, even a lifelong desire, something that is big and major. An example would be a five-bedroom house with three cars and a million-dollar business. It would be great if the goal to be visualized is a positive thing that will bring no harm. It is even better if it benefits other people too. The realization of such a goal will bring about more good karma.


Next, sit down and close your eyes. Now, make the goal alive in your mind. Visualize it as already vividly materialized in your mind. Do not daydream it – this is different from visualization. The latter is directed effort towards creation, while the former is a haphazard use of the imagination that employs no power.


In visualizing, use all senses. See the house. Feel the hum of the car as you are driving it. Smell the ambiance of your new home. Taste the achievement of success. Touch your creation.


It is important that at the time of visualizing your dream, it should already be occurring in the present. While you are visualizing, it is paramount to feel that it has already manifested. And therefore, you no longer desire it.


Do the technique once a day for five to ten minutes, depending on the length and number of your desires. Do not change your visualized desires every now and then, for you will be creating and destroying your mental creations even before they have manifested. In the end, you will have achieved nothing. So before starting, make sure that what you will visualize is what you really want deep in your heart. If it is not your heart’s desire, it is not a true desire.


After the five-to-ten-minute visualization process, affirm its manifestation by saying: “If it pleases the Cosmic, it is done!” Then stand up and go about your daily routine. During the day, never entertain doubts that your dream will not manifest, for these are destructive thoughts that will go against their manifestation. Just trust that they have come true, and that they will descend to the physical plane in time.


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