Periods of Business Cycle

Posted: May 6, 2012 in LifeBlog


PERIOD 1 (Day 1 of Incorporation then 52 days )

  •  Greater success in all forms of promotion
  •  Period for securing approval, favor recognition and general goodwill
  •  Good period to solicit endorsements or high recognition by eminent persons and concerns that would either result eventually in sales through such persons or in giving widespread publicity and advertising to the concern
  • Excellent period in which to advertise a business widely, not so much for direct sales as to build up prestige and public recognition
  • Good period for sending forth emissaries, representatives or high member of the firm to meet other eminent persons in the business world and secure recognition and high favor
  • Good period to deal with government officials, judges, senators, or congressmen from whom you desire preferment, special favors, or passage of protection bills

PERIOD 2 – 2nd 52 days

  •  Good time to make important changes of temporary nature in regard to important employees, modifications in business practice, temporary locations and for trying out short time plans and propositions
  • Very unfavorable period during which to make any new plans of a definite nature, or to enter into any contracts or agreements of any kind, unless they are reduced to writing and properly sealed and signed so as to give them long time standing
  • Good period for the building up of business friendships
  • Every business firm would do well to take advantage of this period to contact new and prospective customers in a friendly way

PERIOD 3 – 3rd 52 days

  • Period of construction and great energizing power
  • It is during this period that any business proposition should be pushed to its utmost
  • Every facility and every means of manufacturing, selling, producing advertising, promoting and extending the business should be adopted and utilized to the utmost during this period
  • It is a good period for the arrangements of plan for collections, or to send out collectors or letters intended to collect money
  • Not a good period for attempting to fight any issues in court that have to do with the activities of business enemies, rivals or competitors
  • Every firm or business should watch out for dangerous accidents, disasters and troubles through enemies, through fires or through sudden explosions of wrath, enmity or hatred during this period
  • It is during this period also that personal enemies of the business will attempt to wreck it or even to injure the character or life of a person connected with the business, if the business has attained any degree of enmity on the part of competitors or others.
  • A very good period for dealing with the army and navy matters, the military departments of the government, engineering, munitions, machinery or firms or individuals associated with these

PERIOD 4 – 4th 52 days

  • This is the period in which any firm or business would do well to enter into its largest campaign of widespread advertising whether this be nationwide advertising or they were solicitation by letter of customers in a limited area
  • Most successful period in the business cycle for whatever writing, planning, and scheming of promotion a business firm may want to do
  • Excellent period for the drawing up of new contracts, new agreement, papers of incorporations, documents, transfers and so forth
  • Excellent period to deal with newspapermen, diplomats, arbitrators, or others who can use their mentalities or printed or written words to further the interests of the concern
  • On the other hand, the firm must be careful to watch out for deceptions by word of mouth or writing, for forgeries, and for tricky agreements or plans cleverly presented and which are apt to have serious reactions in many ways

PERIOD 5 – 5th 52 days

  •  Period of growth and financial success for any concern or business proposition
  • This is the period in which to seek investments or seek to secure credit and extend the time tin which payments must be made or negotiations closed
  • It is one of the best periods in the business year for selling and the actual distribution of material on a sales basis, if immediate results and a quick and fair return of money are desired
  • It is an excellent period in which to collect bad or old debts, and excellent time tin which to bring matters into court where the favorable decision desired hangs by a slender thread for all things being quick and right, this period is favorable to a constructive and just decision
  • Excellent period for the promotion of the business into foreign lands or distant places or with large concerns that deal international matters or have international distribution and sales agreements
  • Good period for business firms to promote their affairs with railroad railway, and electric companies and concerns that deal in things that cater to the pleasures and happiness of the public

PERIOD 6 – 6th 52 days

  •  The period in each year when every business should relax its activities if it finds it necessary to relax at all, and should plan its periods for the vacations or absence of any of its important directors or operators. 
  • It is also an excellent period for the promotion of certain branches of business such as those that deal with the art world, music, poetry, sculpturing, artists materials, women’s clothing, or articles of adorement, beauty preparations, high grade shoes, hosiery, evening wraps, hats, luxurious automobiles, oriental rugs, antique furniture, fine books, expensive musical instruments, concerts, operas and other things representing the luxuries refinements and clean and wholesome pleasures of life
  • This is an excellent period for the heads of a concern or the individual owner of any kind of business to make the acquaintance of his customers, and to make such intimate contacts with persons as may be helpful to the business or the individuals of the business in the near future
  • It is a good period for the collection of money, the buying of stocks and bonds, or the promotion of the finances of the company through investment in conservative stocks of other concerns
  • Excellent period for the bringing about of partnerships, monopolistic corporations and the formation of subsidiary associations and alliances of a similar nature.

PERIOD 7 – last 52 days to complete 1 year

  • Reconstruction period for all business propositions and during these last 52 days before the birthday of the business, great care must be taken not to start any new line of activity or to go too heavily into advertising that is intended to build up a new department or a new phase of the business or to do otherwise than cooperate with the cosmic tendencies to reconstruct
  • It is a wrong period in which to plan to do reconstruction without the preliminary stage of tearing down
  • No expansion must be made unless it is associated in some way with breaking down or tearing down process as a part of the reconstruction
  • Certainly no new alliances, affiliations, partnerships or agreements, contracts or offers of agreement or contract should be made during this period
  • It is an excellent time to consult with persons in retirement, or who have been in business and have retired or with judges, referees, or advisers of any kind
  • All acts must be guarded with a conservative attitude and extreme caution and providence manifested in every line of activity
  • Every business should take advantage of this period to conserve its activities, hold steady to its line of progress, and not allow anything of a radical nature in either advertising, selling, buying or planning to occur

Source: Self Mastery and Fate With the Cycles of Life by H. Spencer Lewis


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