Periods of Personal Cycle

Posted: May 6, 2012 in LifeBlog

We will divide our year in 52 days to come up with 7 cycles which can guide us on what most likely will happen to us or the tendency to happen in most people…


PERIOD 1 – your birthday should be your first day then count 52 days

  • Favors, solicitations, benefits, investments, loans, partnerships, special concessions, releases
  • Should utilize every personal power to advance own interest among persons of influence or have powers to give
  • Good period in building up credit standing
  • Cosmic vibrations are in favor booting and helping you personally

PERIOD 2 – 2nd 52 days

  • Changes that are quick – journey, moving new home, business, occupations
  • Unfavorable to loan, stocks, gamble
  • Unfavorable for contracts, legal papers intended long period
  • Do not loan, construct
  • Good for agricultural development, or planting
  • Good for freight business, public lectures, shows, performances
  •  Good for those dealing with liquids

PERIOD 3 – 3rd 52 days

  • Time to deal with enemies, competitors and rivals
  • Unfavorable to deal with women
  • Quarrels, arguments and business strife occurs
  • Best time for salesmen to convince
  • Excellent for business dealing with iron, steel, things connected with electrical machinery, furnaces and fire

PERIOD 4 – 4th 52 days

  •  Writing, mental creation, psychic
  • Must act upon impulse and quickly grasp the ideas and put them in practical applications
  • Good period to deal with literary persons, reporters, artists
  • Good time for study
  • A period of deception, forgery, thievery
  • Not a good time to marry, to buy homes, business or lands

PERIOD 5 – 5th 52 days

  •  Success period of the year for personal
  • Fellowship, sociability, benevolence, honesty and sympathy
  • Fine time to collect money, to sell, speculate
  • Excellent period for dealing with judges, lawyers, clergymen, physicians, merchants or men of wealth
  • Good period for long journeys
  • Not a good period to deal with cattle or with meat products

PERIOD 6 – 6th 52 days

  • Holiday period of the year
  • Pleasure, amusement, relaxation and entertainment
  • Renewing friendship
  • Favorable to deal with women and women to men
  • Art, music and perfumes
  • Favors, coop, business agreement with women
  • Buy stocks, engage employees

PERIOD 7 – last 52 days

  • Critical and disruptive period of life
  • Period to deal with elderly people
  • Apply for patents, government papers
  • Real estate, minerals, and those of the earth
  • Good to deal with engaged in grain or fruit
  • Unfavorable to start business, voyages by sea or land

Source: Self Mastery and Fate With the Cycles of Life by H. Spencer Lewis


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