Posted: May 23, 2012 in Wisdom Nook

·         The UK’s best selling hiking magazine published faulty coordinates for descending Scotland’s tallest peak (Ben Nevis), and recommended a route that leads climbers off the edge of a cliff.

·         The Mars Rover “Spirit” is powered by six small motors the size of “C” batteries. It has a top speed of 0.1 mph.

·         Zeppo Marx (the unfunny one of the Marx Brothers) had a patent for a wristwatch with a heart monitor.

·         The entire town of Capena, Italy (including children as young as 2 years old) lights up cigarettes each year in honor of St. Anthony’s Day. This tradition is centuries old.

·         The Amish a diet high in meat, dairy, refined sugars and calories. Yet obesity is virtually unknown among them. The difference is since they have no TVs, cars or powered machines, they spend their time in manual labor.

·         Microsoft threatened 17 year old Mike Rowe with a lawsuit after the young man launched a website named

·         As of January 1, 2004, the population of the United States increases by one person every 12 seconds. There is a birth every eight seconds, an immigrant is added every 25 seconds, but a death every 13 seconds.

·         There is a Starbucks in Myungdong, South Korea that is five stories tall.

·         Astronauts cannot burp in space. There is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their stomachs.

·         There has been no mail delivery in Canada on Saturday for the last thirty five years.

·         The weight of air in a milk glass is about the same as the weight of an aspirin tablet.

·         Finland has the greatest number of islands of any country in the world: 179,584.

·         The world’s smallest winged insect is the Tanzanian parasitic wasp. It’s smaller than the eye of a housefly.

·         Two-thirds of the world’s eggplant is grown in New Jersey.

·         The winter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid.

·         The glue on Israeli postage stamps is certified kosher.

·         If you have three quarters, four dimes and four cents, you have $1.19. But you cannot make exact change for a dollar.

·         There are more plastic flamingoes in the United States than real ones.

·         The chance that you will die on the way to buy your lottery ticket is greater than the chance of you winning the big prize in most lotteries.

·         Winston Churchill was born in a ladies’ room during a dance.

·         Dolly Parton once lost a Dolly Parton Look-Alike contest.

·         An average of 100 people choke to death on ball point pens each year.

·         The National Anthem of Greece has 158 verses.

·         Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

·         The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.

·         The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in Colorado.

·         The Bible has been translated into Klingon.

·         Toto was paid $125 per week while filming the “Wizard of Oz”.

·         All polar bears are left handed.

·         Fidgeting can burn about 350 calories a day.

·         In the early 1940s, Heinz produced a version of Alphabetti Spaghetti especially for the German market that consisted only of little pasta swastikas.

·         To help reduce budget deficits, several states have begun reducing the amount of food served to prison inmates. In Texas, the number of daily calories served to prisoners was cut by 300, saving the state $6,000,000 per year.

·         The only member of the band ZZ Top without a beard has the last name Beard.

·         Pope John Paul II was the world’s Scrabble champion in the over-70 category.

·         Montpelier, Vermont is the only state capitol without a McDonald’s.

·         If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

·         Wearing headphones for an hour increases the bacteria in your ear 700 times.

·         In 1993, the board of governors at Carl Karcher Enterprises voted (5 to 2) to fire Carl Karcher. Carl Karcher is the founder of Carls Jr. restaurants.

·         The little hole in the sink that lets the water drain out, instead of flowing over the side, is called a “porcelator.”

·         The wingspan of a Boeing 747 jet is longer than the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

·         Ted Turner owns 5% of New Mexico.

·         Over 8 years, this happened 284 times: “Cosmo” Kramer went through Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment door.

·         The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel fuel that it burns.

·         There are more 100 dollar bills in Russia currently than there are in the United States.

·         Maine has no venomous snakes.


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