The Simple Periods of Human Life

Posted: May 28, 2012 in LifeBlog

We Can Easily Divide Our Lives Into Periods of Seven Years And Notice  How Each Period  has Brought its definite Results or Produced Effects upon our Growth, Development, and Mastership

PERIOD 1 – Birth to 7th Year

This is the time during which our babyhood and early youth occurs, and when the fundamentals of our education and cultural development are laid.  It is really a period of self-discovery, as far as the objective material world and our relation to it are concerned.  We learn to walk and talk, control our bodies, and relate ourselves properly to our physical and material environments.

PERIOD 2 – 7th to 14th Year

In this period, certain physical changes take place in our development, and the mental side of our nature takes a secondary place in the changes going on.  It is just before the fulfillment of the second period that the important physical changes in both the male and female occur, preparing the child for the the third stage.  If these changes do not occur before the end of the second period, the child is psychologically and physiologically subnormal, and both physiology and  psychology have unconsciously recognized this second period in the cycle of life.

PERIOD 3 – 14th to 21st Year

In this period, the physical changes drop back into secondary place together with the mental and the psychic side of human nature is developed primarily.  This brings about the sense of responsibility, giving dignity, poise, and character to the individual.  It is during this process that the individual  attains that degree of psychic or psychological, as well as mental and physiological development, that establishes the individual as a capable entity, qualified to assume legal responsibilities.  The person who does not attain this degree by the 21st year is backward in the progress that should have been made, and is classified as subnormal.

PERIOD 4 – 21st to 28th Year

In this period, there is a development strongly centered in the emotional nature carrying on the unfoldment of the emotional spark that was awakened in the preceding period.  During these years, the individual acquires stability, a further sense of responsibility, a softening of the nature, and a gradual activity in those higher, dormant faculties known as intuition, mental telepathy, unconscious psychometry,  and similar psychic faculties, together with an awakening interest in music, art, language, and what may be termed the religious and higher things in life.  An absence of any manifestation of the development of these faculties during this period would indicate to the psychologist or psychiatrist a subnormal development.

PERIOD 5 – 28th to 35th Year

In this period, we find the creative processes of the mind most active, and the ability to visualize, imagine, and mentally create greatly developed, with a developing attunement with the Cosmic Consciousness and the ethical standards of life.  It is during this period that the greatest inventors have made most progress, and the business man has become energetic and successful.  It is also noteworthy that it is during this period that many of the world’s greatest philosophers, avatars, and mystics found the sudden Cosmic Illumination which is called complete attunement with the Cosmic Consciousness.  The greatest of these have begun their world-wide missions and written their greatest works during this period.

PERIOD 6 – 38th to 42nd Year

In this period, people enter a stage of development that induces the desire to explore, investigate and reveal great knowledge and the hidden facts of life.  A restlessness comes into their nature which makes them dissatisfied with the monotony of selfish and personal attainment, and quickens in their being the humanitarian and brotherly emotions which makes them want to share what they have with the world.  Yet even if they have little else than time and knowledge to share, they want to explore or discover and bring these revealed things to the masses for their benefit.

It is during this period that people start disposing of great wealth that they have accumulated or inherited by building libraries, or contributing to the arts, the sciences, schools, colleges, universities, or explorative and inventive expeditions and speculations, it is truly the culminating period of all the years that preceded in the life of the average human being, and starts the system of compensation in the average individual life whereby the individual feels the need of returning to the Cosmic and to mankind some of the benefits he has enjoyed

PERIOD 7 – 42nd to 49th Year

In this period the desire to rest, meditate and philosophically speculate builds up in the human being a new chapter, which unfolds strongly and uniquely in each case until the individual becomes a new person with new hopes, new desires, a new viewpoint in life, and a new goal and ideal toward which to labor.  The mind is turned more strongly toward religion and philosophy than to business.  It is also turned to those humanitarian activities that bring consolation and peace, by giving help, health, and happiness to the downtrodden, disconsolate or despondent.  So surely does this period work out in the average person’s life, to some degree, that one may easily judge the approximate age of any eminent character by noting the tendencies of his habit and the trend of his thoughts, even when such a person is in very moderate circumstances and can do nothing more than wish he were able to do the things that he has in his mind and heart.

PERIOD 8 – 49th to 56th Year

In this period we find a tendency toward further retirement from personal or selfish ambition, accompanied by a gradual lessening of the vitality and physical prowess, but compensated for by a highly attuned psychic and mental nature.  Here the pendulum is beginning to swing from the building up of a physical being to the building up of a spiritual being, and for this reason the physical body begins to lose its power to combat disease and to surmount the strains of accidents and undue strains upon the vitality.  Vital statistics prepared by insurance companies and government bureaus plainly show the great changes in the physical body which take place during this period and the preceding one as the pendulum begins to swing from the physical to the spiritual.

PERIOD 9 – 56th to 63rd Year

In this period there is a continuation of the conditions in the preceding period, but accompanied now by a mellowing of the mental faculties together with the weakening of the physical prowess, leaving the individual more  and more  a psychic and a spiritual being in harmony with the entire purpose of the cycle of progression.  As man is born to become a living soul, and not merely a soul-animated physical body, so he evolves, period by period, from birth to his 63rd year, from a physical being to a spiritual being, thereby approaching more closely the inevitable purpose of his existence.

Source: Self Mastery and Fate With the Cycles of Life by H. Spencer Lewis


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