10 Legendary Treasures to Haunt the Adventurer’s Mind

Posted: June 5, 2012 in LifeBlog

Treasures and treasure hunts are perhaps the next thing after supernatural so far generated lore and fiction is concerned.

The long lost treasure legends are something very familiar from the days the daring pirates were ruling the seas and the conquistadors’ quests uncovered lost treasures of ancient civilizations.

The treasure raiders were on the hunt for these amazing treasures since the dawn of civilization and even if the modern world has created the means for the treasures to be hunted via technology , the adventurers of the world still dream about finding the legendary treasure able to bring them fame and fortune and why not…a place in eternity.

1. The Amber Room – a treasure created by Prussia became a gift for Russia and disappeared during World War II in Germany

amber room

2. The Hope diamond – uniquely blue, supposing to be cursed

hope diamond

3. Cocos island treasure – the pirates lair said to host the treasures of the seven seas

cocos island treasure

4. Globe of Jewels – ordered by the Iran ruler, it is unique in the world

globe of jewels

5. Pereshchepina Treasure – impressive collection of artifacts highly disputed

pereshchepina treasures

6. Ramses’s missing treasure – legendary burial chamber treasure

ramses missing treasure

7. The lost Dutchman mine – a gold chase treasure mysteriously lost during the years of the young America

the lost dutchman mine

8. Tillia Tepe – burial ground treasure in Afghanistan

tillia tepe

9. The Ark of the Covenant – long lost treasure of ancient religious origins supposed to bring victory to whoever carries it in battle

the ark of the covenant

10. SS Central America – legendary treasure hunted and found, made rich the ones who discovered it

ss central america

Source:  http://www.decodedstuff.com


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