15 Mystical Places That Ruled Over The Human Imagination

Posted: June 5, 2012 in LifeBlog
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Mystical places ruled over the humanity’s imagination far before the world did its best to

encourage us to dream.

Whether these places are part of a local folklore or they are somehow integrated in our

society development, they are all united by the same concept, the ideal place where the

chosen of one criteria or the other are supposed to live happily ever after doing exactly

the things they dreamed of all their life .

Some of these mythical places are created by legends, some are meeting the illumination

ideal but all of them have in common the creation of a legend that lingers even in these

modern skeptical times.

1. Atlantis

This is the city where all the rules of ancient Greece met all the items of a revolutionary age

of science that some historians underline as the source of this civilization’s doom.

Atlantis was placed in so many places of the world and proof of its existence was found in so

many places…still nothing really conclusive was brought to surface so whether the city was

a place of extraterrestrial presence or simply a human civilization ahead of its time the legend

of it will live forever.

2. Garden of Eden

The perfect spot you can find in every religion of the Earth, the Paradise on Earth garden is the

example how the need for ideal populates the human mind.

Exclusively fantastic this place is the dream of the worthy and the craving of the wicked.

You choose where do you fit in the picture …

3. Asgard or Valhalla

The heaven of the brave in Northern religion is filled with rewards for those who lived free and

died well.

Based on folk legends and pagan religion, the paradise of the north is the place where you can

indulge in wine and beautiful company but only if you led a brave life and courage was your

middle name.

4. Narnia

A kingdom of the pure hearts and strong spirit, the sweet Narnia is a dream place where all kids

and grownups would like to go especially in their time of sorrow.

Here is the lost fairytale realm where light shines mirrored in the dreams of the good.

5. Avalon

Mystical island of Morgana and of ancient medieval magic, the Avalon is the place where

King Arthur was taken after being wounded in his final battle.

Here is where knights dreamed to see their valor rewarded.

6. Fountain Of Youth

Ponce de Leon started to look for this legend during the Spanish conquistador campaign in Florida state.

The fountain remained a secret and in spite of being proved that it is far from being real,

the legend still circulates over the world.


Another paradise on Earth, this land of perpetual happiness and never ending life is a mystical

valley in the mountains of Himalayan.

Beautiful and forever green, this peace of heaven was never found in spite of many expeditions

that went out looking for it.

8. City of Caesars

A city of eternal wealth where everybody lives in plenty and true happiness, this city is for sure

the place to live if you like being rich.

Shielded from the common folk the city of Caesars receives only the ones who truly deserve to be happy.

9. Ys

The home of sexual indulgence and living life to the fullest, Ys was a mythical place that was lost

to the sea some say exactly for the many guilty pleasure people were experiencing in there.

10. Neverland

Neverland is the land of everlasting fun and games, a place where children can escape growing

up and also a place of fairytales and friendship. Every boy’s dream this place is truly a childhood heaven.

11. Camelot

Perhaps the most mentioned mythical place, the city capital of Arthurian legends is the middle

age version of the paradise. Here all that is good, righteous and true is considered natural and the

truth and valor prevail no matter what.

12. Hogwarts

The modern age school of witchcraft and wizardry, the Hogwarts castle is surely the dream place

for so many people no matter the age. The truth is who wouldn’t like a magic wand?

13. Eldorado

The legend of the city of gold that was suppose to lie on the South American territory was inspired by the richness of the Inca Empire.

Still the adventurers keep on looking for it even today.

14. Wonderland

The place to dream of as a child is the place where all you wishes and fears come true.

The legend inspired Lewis Carroll to write about the adventures of a girl named Alice in this wonderful world.

15. The Shire

The most beautiful country side one could imagine became more like an urban legend of heroic adventure inspiration.

Nevertheless this place of peaceful wonder is the best of the good old, green days of the Earth.

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