26 Untamed Islands Around the World

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Places to Go
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There are places in the world where beauty was not tamed by the abrupt civilization rules and there you can find the time to breathe and live every second surrounded by nothing else than the beauty of a world.

If you feel the need to find yourself or you want to share an amazing time with your dear ones far from the unleashed world, here are 26 islands of pure heaven ready to greet you and show you the meaning of life.

1. Aitutaki Cook Islands

In the heart of the Pacific, a blue lagoon is smiling from the midst of Cook Island. Wild and seductive, the beautiful Aitutaki is concealing a vacation destination so close to the romantic movie getaways we all have seen on TV.

aitutaki cook islands 1

aitutaki cook islands 2

Not only blue, crystal clear waters and white sand, but also Aitutaki lagoon Resort & Spa are there

to offer the best hosting for a romantic getaway on the Pacific island.

aitutaki cook islands 3

( Photos by msdstefan )

2. Block Island R.I.

Part of Rhode Island, Block Island is considered one of the last great places on Earth. This is the

place to go on summer if you are fond of the great outdoors and you are ready to take the chance

and open your heart to a summer of adventure.

This is the place for hiking, biking and rock climbing and it is suited for anyone who wants an

active vacation. The accommodation is not very expensive so you should not be surprised if you

will find here many people traveling on a budget.

Bock Island R I

(photo by snatchsite)

Block Island

(photo by treevis)

Block Island R.I

(photo by robotbrainz)


3. Porto Santo Portugal

Close to Madeira, the Atlantic waters bathe the shores of a beautiful European island where

the white sandy beaches are cornered by mountain peaks surrounding the beautiful island like

the walls surround a fortress.

The Porto Santo is an idyllic place to spend your vacation especially because it hosts beautiful

villages with warm hearted people and a rustic appearance of the last century. Porto Santo is

the right place for a family vacation and it can be visited in the warm months of the year.

porto santo portugal 1

porto santo portugal 2

porto santo portugal 3

( Photos by luisAfonso )

4. Andaman Islands India

The beautiful waters of the Bengal Coast are bathing the wild beauty of Andaman islands. Here

nature did its best to unite its elements into a single painting of unearthly beauty. Here the tropical

vegetation meets the white sand shores and here you can find traces of the best natural beauty

untouched by the human hand.

andaman islands india 1

andaman islands india 2

( Photos by Ice Cubes )

The tourists should keep in mind that the area is restricted and in order to be let in, they need a

special permit from the Indian authorities.

andaman islands india 3

( Photo by kun_tal )

5. Dunk Island Australia

Australia is known for its many ways of entertaining the tourists and Dunk Island is perhaps its

way of competing with the Caribbean. Placed exactly next to the Great Barrier Reef, the island

is the right place to go diving and find the right place to dream and have fun.

dunk island australia 1

( Photo by Mark in New Zealand )

The island of peace as it is called by the Aboriginal people, the Dunk island is welcoming young

and old to a paradise where even the air smells like adventure and the ways beat the party drums.

The island resort offered every possible way of pampering tourists so going there in your

honeymoon is the right idea.

dunk island australia 2

( Photo by PhillipC )

dunk island australia 3

( Photo by wili_hybrid )

6. Islands of Fernando de Noronha Brazil

An adventure holiday amateur would be fascinated by this small group of islands so close to the

Brazilian coast. The home of a varied marine life, the islands are an interesting combination of

cliffs and beaches.

islands of fernando de noronha brazil 1

( Photo by murilocardoso )

islands of fernando de noronha Brazil 2

( Photo by Gustavo Menezes )

The diving passionate can swim with the largest population of dolphins in this area and see the

wild marine life in all its splendor. If you are fond of adrenaline you can join the diving expedition

and see the sharks in their own habitat. So if it is the adventure you are looking for, the islands

of Fernando de Noronha is the destination for you.

islands of fernando de noronha brazil 3

( Photo by JucaFii )


7. Petit St. Vincent St. Vincent and the Grenadines

If you want to experience the maximum pleasure of the Caribbean getaway but in the same

time find the peaceful relaxation far from the unleashed world, you are free to build the right

dream escape on the smallest island of the Grenadine archipelago- Petit St. Vincent.

The wild side of this small island was not disturbed by the luxury resort built here. You can

explore the untamed beaches and enjoy the beauty of the wild scenery or indulge in the quality

services of the resort. Petit St. Vincent is perfect for a family vacation, a romantic getaway and

also active escape to paradise.

petit st. vincent st. vincent and the grenadines 1

petit st. vincent st. vincent and the grenadines 2

petit st. vincent st. vincent and the grenadines 3

( Photos by BD9000 )

8. Providenciales Turks and Caicos

So many have wondered how did the Caribbean kept hidden till recently the best beach in the world.

Turks & Caicos islands are the proof that God smiled when he created the world. If the Paradise

would have a place on earth this would be its residence because nothing can spoil the beauty of this island.

providenciales turks and caicos 1

( Photo by Ron Gunzburger )

Wide, white sand beaches and endless blue sea, green forest and amazing resorts have all linked to

create the ideal honeymoon destination for any couple. This is the place to start your life together

and also the place to let yourself dream to endless happiness.

providenciales turks and caicos 2

( Photo by Pisces With Camera )

providenciales turks and caicos 3

( Photo by leyther )

9. Vabbinfaru Island Maldives

A remote atoll almost stranded in the blue waters of the Maldives archipelago this piece of paradise

can become your way to escape from the busy world crushing you down with worries.

vabbinfaru island maldives 1

vabbinfaru island maldives 2

( Photos by Irene Jega Lakshmi )

The single hotel resort on the island, the Banyan resort, offers the perfect getaway into a “paradise lost”

filled with the purest perfection of a coral atoll where you can swim with the marine life enjoying the

ultimate freedom and all the wonderful feelings related to it.

vabbinfaru island maldives 3

( Photo by Philanderob )

10. Monemvasia Greece

The Gibraltar of Greece is an island where history has fought its many battles and nature retained

its beauty. Cozy and warm hearted place, this is a secluded spot for those who want to experience

the life on a low rhythm and all the beautiful features it has.

monemvasia greece 1

( Photo by Dimitris G. )

Monemvasia welcomes those tourists who are fond of history and relaxation.

monemvasia greece 2

( Photo by maksid )

monemvasia greece 3

( Photo by Giorgos Michalogiorgakis )

11. Huahine French Polynesia

Northwest of Tahiti , the French Polynesia harbors in the waters of the Pacific, a romantic

get-away with white sand beaches and beautiful island air. The island is abundant in green

vegetation and blue waters. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and this makes it a perfect

place to go swimming and diving. The water sports here are something common and luxury

resorts are eager to receive honeymooners.

huahine french polynesia 1

( Photo by chris.easytahiti )

Beautiful places are filled with many tourist attractions and since the mountains are something

common in the scenery of the island, adventure is no stranger from these places.

huahine french polynesia 2

( Photo by Kanteva )

huahine french polynesia 3

( Photo by jejemtl )

12. Sovalye Turkey

The quiet retreat in Turkey is placed on an inhabited island where only a few summer villas are

disturbing the wild nature. The beautiful Sovalye is hidden in the Gulf of Fethiye and that is

why cruise ships do not reach it. Still if you want a quiet time you can choose to stay here and

enjoy the beautiful scenery.

sovalye turkey 1

( Photo by wheyt )

The mainland is a short boat trip away and you can enjoy the fun there. Still keep in mind that this

beautiful place is for those who need rest and a place to find themselves close to the sea.

sovalye turkey 2

( Photo by Cem Atar )

sovalye turkey 3

( Photo by kursatgonullu )


13. Saba Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles are far from being the ordinary Caribbean destination. In a place

where the mountain meets the sea, where the luxurious vegetation filled the rich volcanic soil,

the hand of destiny placed the ideal place for both surfing and hiking.

saba netherlands antilles 1

( Photo by Seracat )

If you are looking for adventure during your stay on this island you have the opportunity to face

a large variety of challenges. The offer can be availed even if you get to the island via a cruise ship.

saba netherlands antilles 2

( Photo by Fabrice ROSE )

saba netherlands antilles 3

( Photo by Thatsanotherdory )

14. Mljet Croatia

The Dalmatian territory of Croatia has become recently a favored destination in Europe.

Beautiful mountains are spread over the island covering it with fir tree forests and hiding in

its midst two salt lakes communicating with the sea through a canal.

mljet croatia 1

( Photo by Tonie )

The island is the right place for a quiet vacation and it presents its visitors a beautiful monastery

and a natural park filled with natural beauty.

mljet croatia 2

( Photo by xJasonRogersx )

mljet croatia 3

( Photo by Istria Travel )

15. Lundy Island England

Lundy Island is mostly familiar to those who are fond of nature and need to see it in its raw form

and display. The most wonderful wildlife display can be found here and here the stars shine

brightly than anywhere else because they are the only lights in the night sky.

People enjoy the clear sea and the amazing landscape. It is a place for hiking and enjoying the nature.

lundy island england 1

lundy island england 2

lundy island england 3

( Photos by M a r k )

16. Koh Yao Noi Thailand

If you want a spectacular adventure but in the same time you wish to stay green and show your

respect for nature this is the island for you. Marked in the National Geographic catalog of some

of the best places to travel, Koh Yao Noi is the live example of natural beauty untouched by the

complex consequences of western civilization.

koh yao noi thailand 1

( Photo by frischifresh )

There are luxury resorts here but not the ones you might expect. You can go there for a simple,

close to nature vacation, filled with adventures like rock climbing, elephant trekking, hiking and

diving but keep in mind this island is for those in love with nature.

koh yao noi thailand 2

( Photo by alterna6969 )

koh yao noi thailand 3

( Photo by timekin )

17. Langara Island British Columbia

In British Columbia lies a fishermen paradise. The island’s economy is built based on the

tourism and sport activities. The fishing passionates come here from all over the world to enjoy

this lovely sport and experience fishing the salmon in the wild.

This is a place that is suited for people in love with nature and the beauty of the untamed outdoors.

In Langara you can catch crabs, watch whales, enjoy hiking and camping.

langara island british columbia 1

langara island british columbia 2

langara island british columbia 3

( Photos by Langara Fishing Adventures )

18. Vis Croatia

This unique island of Croatia has every reason to be a tourist destination. The beautiful mountains

and the karstic fields between them are covered with rich vegetation.

The beautiful beaches and the ecological lifestyle of the people here are reasons alone to visit but

there so many more tourist attractions one could enjoy. The place has a rich history and a way of

welcoming the guests who come here looking for a simple but relaxing escape.

vis croatia 1

vis croatia 2

vis croatia 3

( Photos bylifejacketadventures )

19. Sylt Germany

European island and known destination for the summers of European youth, Sylt is everything

somebody looking to have fun needs. Luxury resorts, night life and wild parties, surf tour

destination but most of all tabloid gossip source, this island has it all.

sylt germany 1

( Photo by rr807 )

The word of order here is party the night out and this is the explanation for which so many young

people choose it as a holiday destination.

sylt germany 2

( Photo by kaianderkiste )

20. Orcas Island Washington

The people fond of marine life know this place to be the Mecca of killer whales. Here orcas come

every mating season driven by an ancient instinct that makes them come here and let themselves

be observed by the curious crowd.

orcas island washington 1

( Photo by kumasawa )

The Island is located in Washington State and has taken advantage of this tourist attraction to

transform itself into a holiday resort, dedicated to camping and bed & breakfast accommodation

meant to welcome all the people who want to take their families to see the whales.

orcas island washington 2

( Photo by sjb4photos-away2wks )

orcas island washington 3

( Photo by chigmaroff )

21. Marettimo Egadi Islands off Sicily

Egadi Islands are part of the satellite islands of Sicily. Beautiful beaches untouched by the

modern age are inviting people to spend a wonderful time. This is a place filled with Roman

history and the visitors can find evidence of historic events including the ruins of the

Aragonese castle.

marettimo egadi islands off sicily 1

( Photo by mookie10 )

The weather is mild and the dolphins come here on summer for the delight of the tourists.

marettimo egadi islands off sicily 2

( Photo by fmonet76 )

22. Pamalican Philippines

A blue paradise awaits you to step in and allow yourself feel the amazing feeling of ultimate freedom.

Here the water is transparent to the highest depth and invites you to dive, looking for hidden treasures.

This hidden piece of heaven encourages lovers to rest among the beautiful green vegetation, and

lets them get the best tan on its white sands. The Philippine is proud of this pearl of the ocean

hosting amazing holiday resort ready to pamper the visitors and introduce them into an amazing


pamalican philippines 1

pamalican philippines 2

( Photos by <Heikki> )

23. Isla Holbox Mexico

Mexico vacations are usually all about the party and fun. Holbox island is a place where beautiful

birds are gathering in a lagoon for people to watch them.

isla holbox mexico 1

( Photo by CH13 )

The beautiful beach is wild and this is the island is considered a virgin tourist destination.

Here come those who are fond of nature in its simple form and if you are a fan of ecological

lifestyle this is the place for you.

isla holbox mexico 2

isla holbox mexico 3

( Photos by Lorenia )

24. Hiiumaa Estonia

Everybody going to Estonia can’t help but say that Hiiumaa is the place where nature made up

its mind to prove it can paint. The most picturesque place in the old islands of Europe, the island

is the right place to go if you want an ecological get-away.

Here people come to enjoy the scenery, the warm folk living close to nature and having the sea

close to their hearts. Hiiumaa is a place where you can have a peaceful vacation.

hiiumaa estonia 1

hiiumaa estonia 2

hiiumaa estonia 3

( Photos by anuwintschalek )

25. Île d’Oleron France

Île d’Oleron is a place where France has left a print on a piece of charming land linked to the

continent through a long bridge. The island is a place filled with history and retaining all the lovely

charm the French countryside has, but also with many tourist objectives one would be eager to visit.

ile d’oleron france 1

( Photo by Lecaroubier 84200 )

If you are fond of lovely beaches and beautiful mountains but also of good food and visiting

citadels, Île d’Oleron is the right place for you.

ile d'oleron france 2

( Photo by Raph@el )

26. Susuwe Island Namibia

If you are fond of Africa, its untamed nature and spectacular adventure, Susuwe invites you to

Namibia. This island is a place where nature does it best to make its presence know.

Indeed a getaway place from the wide world and its troubles, this African island is the right place to

go for high quality lodging and adventure. The island is the place of a complex ecosystem and this

makes it a unique island destination.

susuwe island namibia 1

( Photo by Safarinow )

Source:  http://www.thetravelerszone.com

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