Science vs. Practicality – 11 Discoveries of 2011 So Far

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Wisdom Nook
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We like science and we appreciate its efforts to keep us comfortable and why not entertained. Spectacular discoveries are competing with celebrity scandals keeping them from pages of the newspapers and the world is always on the look out for the new things invented.

Regardless they are gadgets, medical breakthroughs or practical inventions, the discoveries in each department create waves of approval.

Science does its best to keep humanity entertained and the most interesting things discovered create the most important steps humanity takes on its evolution as a society.

In another world scientific discoveries complete us while practical inventions make our life easier.

1. Synthetic cells

2011 Discoveries

2. Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack - 2011 Discoveries

3. Virtual therapy

2011 Discoveries

4. Medical mirror

Medical Mirror

5. Google Prius – The car driving itself

Google Prius 2011 Discoveries

6. Discovery of the possible new Earth

Discovery of  new Earth

7. Genetically modified salmon

Genetically Modified Salmon

8. Google TV

Science vs. Practicality

9. Satellite for free internet access

Free Internet Access

10. 3D Glass-free television

 Glass Free Television

11. Straddling bus

2011 Discoveries


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