Which Religion Has The Most Impressive Temples?

Posted: June 5, 2012 in LifeBlog
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Along many centuries, the humanity’s need of adoring a higher power has generated anything from pure acts of kindness to bloody acts of war.

In the name of this higher power, the civilizations have initiated long years of sacrifice and unseen acts of cruelty but also in the name of the same power they have created impressive art.

The places of worship spread all over the world were built to honor the divinity but also to try at humanity’s best to comprehend all the reasons for which divinity is worth adoring.

This is how the religious currents of the world have found the energy and the inspiration to build shrines of faith in the form of breath taking temples.

1. Asian Religion

The Buddhist world as well as all the major Asian civilizations has stepped forward with an impressive amount of details and architectural complexity that wows the mind of any traveler no matter how accustomed is he with beauty.

Akshardham Temple

Built virtually recent in Delhi, India, this amazing architectural complex takes the adoration of Hindu followers into an earthly Paradise filled with detailed, state of the art, carvings and sculptures all created to praise the historical art so familiar to Hindu temples.

akshardham temple

The complex is surrounded by gardens and water fountains all of a stunning beauty.

Shwezigon Paya Zedi

Built in the 11th century in Myanmar this masterpiece of Buddhism was completely restored to its former glory exclusively through governmental funding.

shwezigon paya zedi

The gilded stupas and pillar structures are blinding the traveler with their beauty, the temple being a live proof of how religion can turn architecture in a tool for worshiping.

2. Christianity

The Christianity stands out for the great number of architectural and artistic wonders created in the name of religion, most of them in the centuries when the religious leadership of the Christian world considered itself a patron of the arts.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Built in Moscow, one of the largest cradles of the orthodox current, St. Basil’s Cathedral was created in the 15th century out of the search for greatness of Ivan the Terrible – one of the bloodiest rulers the Russian Empire ever had. The structure is surely unique and a brand of Russian Christianity.

st. basil’s cathedral

Sagrada Familia

One of the jewels of Spain and maybe the crown jewel of Barcelona’s architecture, this catholic cathedral can leave anybody speechless.

sagrada familia

Being a combination of gothic style structure with insertion of neo modernist details, Sagrada Familia is a true proof that Christianity can compete in the race towards creating the most beautiful place for prayer.

3. The Muslim World

The Muslim civilization has transformed the places of worship in amazingly huge structures able to host the large number of pilgrims coming to praise the name of Allah.

All mosques are filled with amazing oriental art but a few of them stand out by the mind blowing proof of faith and dedication out of which they were built.

Al Haram Mosque

The holiest of the holy Muslim Mosques, Al Haram Mosque is the largest and most famous of the Muslim places of prayer and pilgrimage.

al haram mosque

Home of the Holy Kaaba – the base of Muslim faith, this place of worship is impressive because it’s huge power over the faith but also because of its unique size and structure.

The Shah Faisal Mosque

Impressive both as size and architectural design, this mosque wows through its perfect lines and amazingly simple structure.

shah faisal mosque

One of the largest mosques in the world and former home to the International Islamic University, the Shah Faisal Mosque is surely one of Pakistan’s most treasured possessions.

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