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Posted: June 6, 2012 in LifeBlog
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For normal people, may seem strange to see the action of the backpackers. They walk anywhere with a large bag on their back. What’s the fun? A vacation to have fun, but they trouble themselves?

Maybe when backpacker passing in front of your eyes, you will think how heavy the load they carried. And you will not be thinking much the same as those who enjoy a trip away with ‘only’ big bags.

Being a backpacker is so cool.. That’s what backpackers say. Go everywhere do not need a lot of luggage, it is only necessary. But make no mistake, it was not a backpacker from the road without a destination. Usually they know better pedigree somewhere before visiting. It’s just that sometimes they look to be too ‘scum’.

Backpackers have too many benefits. In addition to more integrated with nature and learn more about the places visited, we can also sharpen feeling when you are in a strange place, training capability and mental adaptation, as well as a variety of new knowledge, such as language.

Things that need to be considered the backpacker to travel include: Determining destination options, determine what will we do there, identify the destination, carry enough, such as food, a compass, and clothing appropriate to the season in place, observing modes transportation, specify route, alert to the danger, check travel documents, find out the inn or a place to shelter, and the last, always alert to what is expected, always prepare a backup plan.

But other than ‘cool’ in the street, backpacker also have some restrictions, namely: Do not carry unnecessary items, do not look ‘foreign’ in a new place and avoid a lot of questions to a stranger.

Are you ready to be a backpacker?

Source:  Travel Articles by Google


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