Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Posted: June 6, 2012 in LifeBlog

Most of us enjoy shopping, especially during the holiday season.  Shopping for friends and family gives us immense pleasure and happiness; after all it is the season of giving. But most of us are unaware of the dangers that lurk around us, especially during this time.  It is essential to remember few points while shopping so as to avoid getting seriously hurt, which can occur during theft.

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Here are a few holiday shopping safety tips to follow to ensure a safe holiday shopping experience.

  1. One of the golden rules of shopping is to arrive early and leave early. This way there is no rush at the store and you reach home early without getting stuck in traffic.
  2. When shopping with kids be aware of where they are and who they are speaking to. Make them understand why they should not be talking to strangers, or giving any information about you to them. Explain to your child what to do in case they get lost. Ensure they know your mobile numbers. Assure them not to panic and that you will find him/her. Show them where the store manager sits and also the store assistants.
  3. Be aware of people around you.  There are people who will be keeping an eye on what you are doing.
  4. Ask for home delivery of your bags. It will be easier to keep track of the number of bags if they are delivered home so there is lesser chance of anything getting stolen.
  5. Hang your purse or handbag in front of your body so that it won’t be an easy target. Do not carry handbags which have long handles, it is much easier to snatch. Don’t ever leave your purse on the counter when you are paying for your goods.
  6. Keep an eye on your surroundings, check if you are being followed or any suspicious looking people are lurking around you.
  7. Keep your car keys in your hand before you reach your car and have a look inside before opening the door. Keep the car locked always. Try to park your car as close to the shopping complex as possible in a well lit area. Keep all unnecessary things in the car but out of view of others, and take a look inside before getting into the car after shopping.
  8. Keep all the shopping bags in the trunk. If you must keep them in the front then cover them up. Always shop with a friend.
  9. Just carry only what is needed a credit card, driver’s license. Keep minimum amount of cash in hand. You can never recover money once it is stolen but at least you can cancel a credit or debit card if it gets stolen.
  10. Follow your good instinct. If you feel something isn’t right then don’t panic and run toward your car, instead run back into the store. A theft is less likely to happen when there are so many witnesses and you can also call the police from the store. You can always ask the store security guard to walk you to your car if you feel uncomfortable. After you finish unpacking your boxes, tear up the packing material, no one needs to know if you have bought any expensive items.



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