Karni Mata Temple, The Rats Kingdom

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Places to Go
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In the north of the Rajastan, near the border with Pakistan is the city of Bikaner. It is the departure point to go to the city of Deshnok, 33 km of there and more than one hour of way in a jammed bus. There is the famous temple of Karmi Mata.

The Karni Mata temple is an unique temple, the unique place to where the beliefs come from all the India to venerate and to admire the rats that take a walk with total freedom and where the devotee ones are prostrated before the appearance of a white rat.

Why the rats still kept in Karni Mata temple? It is not free from a legend which is mentioned in the legend of Karni Mata tribe who died has been reincarnated into mice, and at some later time the rats would come back again incarnate to be Karni Mata tribe.

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Rats

Beliefs about the legend increasingly influenced by the behavior of rats in this temple, where more than 20,000 rats were placed such that there is never one who tried to leave the temple.

Rats in the temple of Karni Mata is not the slightest fear of humans, and even the rats will follow those who walk around the temple, and with this, it is not rare people who visit will provide the food that brought rats were also given milk.

The Karni Mata temple was built in 15th century, but was completed in early 1900′s by the Mighty King Gangha Singh, as a tribute to women leaders of Shri Karni Mata tribe.

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