Macau, Venice in Asia

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Places to Go
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Venetian gondola ride while shopping, do not need all the way to Italy. Now there are new flavors Venice in Asia. Venice sensation was present in Macau. Countries of the former Portuguese colony that is constantly beautify themselves stand on their own since December 20, 1999.

Macau progress more rapidly, since the country became one of the gambling destination of the travelers. Macau’s per capita income in 2006 was U.S. $ 28.4 thousand and the unemployment rate was only 3.5 percent. For your information in the year 2006 the population of Macau is 508,500 inhabitants.

As one of the attractions of gambling, gambling is widespread areas in Macau. Once you arrive in Macau directly can find many luxurious casinos. If you travel to Macau by sea, so off the ferry, you can immediately see one of the largest gambling in Macau, Sands Hotel. More and more areas of gambling, the investors would be more creative. After successful with it’s luxurious gambling area, Sands Hotel, Las Vegas Sands Corp tried to innovate to build something else.

Macau Casino


Today in Macau, there is another sensation than just gambling. Tourists can taste gambling or shopping with a sense of Venice at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. Resort is claimed as the largest resorts in Asia presents a replica of Venice. Along the canals with the gondolas in Venice like to do in these resorts. Just choose go shopping or simply enjoying streets beauty.

If you want to shop there are approximately 350 well-known brand stores and more than 30 restaurants. There’s like a mall on the riverbank. The atmosphere of Venice at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is not only present through gondolas.

At the gate, tourists were greeted with Roman shades with two statues sacred symbol of Venice, Lion of St. Marks and St. Theodore. With a 97.5 hectare area, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel also performed with the Roman architecture at every corner. But there is also a sense of Asia with pictures of dragons in some places.

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