The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Places to Go
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Among the many words that are wrong about an object, one of them is the leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. The real name is not Tower of Pisa, but in Italian language is Torre Pendente. Because of the existence of this Torre Pendente in Pisa, a city in Tuscany, central region of Italy, the tower is often called the tower of Pisa. To reach the city of Pisa only takes 20 minutes if you want to walk away, you also can take a taxi, train, bus or rent a car from Car Hire Pisa Airport.

The leaning Tower of Pisa which has only about 56 meters high is located not far from the Arno river, is registered as a historic heritage and under the protection of UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization). Tower of Pisa was started built in 1173, about 800 years ago. Construction works took place in three stages with the first development is ground floor in the form of poles. Torre Pendente is a bell tower that stands alone among the three buildings in this complex.

leaning tower of pisa pics

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa began to sink after the third floor is finished because the building foundation made of unstable soil. Its construction was stopped almost a hundred years since the state of war. Construction was continued in a hundred years later in 1272 by Giovanni di Simone, an architect from Camposanto. To compensate for the leaning of this tower, he made higher on the other side, this makes the tower is tilted the other way. Thus, the tower itself becomes warped. When the war was continued longer, the construction of Pisa tower was delayed too. Seventh floor was completed in 1319, and the bell chamber has not added until the year 1372, where there are seven bells that have the tones of the major scale.

The leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, has become an attraction for tourists from around the world. The leaning is recorded up to 5.5 degrees or 3.9 meters than it should if perpendicular. The leaning Tower is Pisa is also a concern of governments and parties concerned authorities. So that held an attempt to restore to an upright position. This effort began to be raised three hundred years ago. In 1964 the government requested assistance for the building did not collapse, but still retains its slope to attract tourists.

The Knight's Square

Piazza dei Cavalieri

In 1990 to 2001 is considered the leaning Tower of Pisa has become dangerous and will collapse if not immediately carried out the rescue. Since it began to be repaired the tower by buildings and mathematics experts as well as the historian for this project. The project was successful and in 2001 the Pisa tower was declared safe and reopened for tourist visits. In fact, we can go up to summit of the tower.

To preserve this cultural heritage, the complex surrounding the leaning Tower of Pisa fenced in, while outside the complex, tourists can get a variety of souvenirs from t-shirts to miniature towers of various materials. If you want to go up to the tower or just visiting the churches and buildings, where the baptisms, you will be charged the ticket. Around this complex there are several other interesting attractions you can visit such as museums, Piazza dei Cavalieri, or just relax and sit at this Knight’s square. Quite interesting, is it? Let’s drive your car from Car Hire Italy  to visit the leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.


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