Things You Should Aware When on Holiday in Bangkok

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Wisdom Nook
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Are you planning a holiday to Thailand? You are really lucky, I found a travel article from Yahoo about a few things that tourist must know during a vacation in Thailand. By knowing a few things that you should aware when on holiday in Thailand, you can be more safe and pleasant at there.

Here are a few things you should aware when on holiday in Bangkok:

Police and Smoking
The police were supposed to be fining people who litter, although they rarely do so – unless you suddenly are in a raid a deliberate trap for tourists, and then ask them to pay the fine in cash.

Although Bangkok’s streets filled with garbage, you will rarely see the locals were fined. Targeting tourists is an easy way to get a few dollars from visitors. And an increasingly troublesome again, there are very few ashtrays on the streets. The Bangkok Post had an investigation about the behavior of the police.

Most of the beggars in Bangkok is controlled mafia networks, or by parents who use their children as a tool to attract sympathy and money. Although this looks pathetic beggars, try not to give money, because this will make the evil cycle continues.

Tuk-Tuk, Thai’s three-wheeled vehicle is the most typical transportation in Bangkok. Most Tuk-Tuk is safe, but you should avoid drivers who offer very cheap prices. “Forty baht, all day, I take you anywhere!”

If you say yes, then you will be brought to a temple, then to a restaurant for lunch places. Tuk-Tuk driver will get a commission for bringing you.

Until then you’ll be taken to “gem stone shop”, even when you insist on not interested in shopping. The Tuk-Tuk driver will get a coupon for gasoline or commissions from places like this while you spend time looking at worthless things. You are lucky if only loss of time.

In order for you to enjoy the Tuk-Tuk ride without having to worry about this kind of deception, approached or stopped the Tuk-Tuk than you receive an offer from drivers who approach you. Once you tell your destination, set the price you agreed upon before the Tuk-Tuk ride.

Market stalls that sell clothing and accessories are always set higher prices for tourists. Actually not much you can do except to bid until the lowest price. Do not forget to also compare prices from several stores before deciding to buy. You can go at any time – most sellers will give up if your price is pretty reasonable bargain.


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