Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Alchemical Antivenom

There comes a point in life when nothing else, especially material things, can satisfy an individual. There is this elusive something one feels that if only he or she can grasp it, profound happiness and fulfillment might be attained. What is this unnameable urge that has spurred man through untold millennia? What is the ultimate meaning of existence?

It isn’t money

We all know in principle that money isn’t the root of happiness, and yet we still act as if we don’t. It is well to remind ourselves that some of the richest people on earth are the saddest. They eventually found that after they obtained a lot of money, this did not give them true joy. Instead, the possession of wealth is accompanied by a frantic anxiety and fear of not losing it. Worst of all, greed has even crept into their hearts. Their insecurity grew worse. The more…

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