12 Spectacular Billboards in the World

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Funny Things
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The media and the advertisements are happily married ever since the concept of visual marketing took the world and sales by surprise.

Beautiful colors, mind blowing graphics and commercials that make you want to go out and buy a product are all results of amazing generations of visual effects.

The science made its best to accommodate the growth in the power of media. Colors got replaced by visual effects and interactive software, design became art and the billboards were transformed into a world of fantasy.

1. Nikon – Korea

Amazing billboard

2. Absolute Vodka Christmas Edition

Amazing billboards

3. Skydive Elevators – Sweden

Top Billboards

4. FIFA World Cup Commercial

Top BillBoard - FIFA World Cup

5. Adobe Interactive Billboard

Top BillBoards - Adobe

6. Frontline – Indonesia

Top BillBoards - Frontline

7. Accident Estimation in Costs – Wisconsin

Amazing BillBoards

8. Coops Paints

Amazing BillBoards

9. Don’t Be Stupid Condoms

Spectacular BillBoards

10. DHL International Courier Service

Spectacular BillBoards

11. Nike – Transparent Billboard

Spectacular BillBoards

12. iPod & iTunes

Spectacular BillBoards

Source:  http://www.decodedstuff.com

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