Modular, Modern & Minimalist Convertible Sofa Design

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Must Have
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The idea of modularity in design has become associated with cool, creative

and cutting-edge – but simplicity in style and minimization of parts are at the

heart of some of the best modular furniture designs. Many draw on existing

design examples and elemental materials to create new forms with increased



A few simple pieces, that each use similar and simple constituent elements, are

combined in this straightforward modular Community Couch design to allow all

kinds of creative configurations and unique design arrangements.


What might look in the abstract like a clever formal exercises proves in practice to be

a remarkably functional, adaptible and engaging sofa design. Users can grab a piece

here or there, twist and turn their chosen module and thus interact with and continually

recreate their spaces and claim spaces in their environment.



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