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 couch sofa set combination
Whimsical, creative and original … but also functional? These clever love-seat-and-couch combinations are more that just artistic expressions – they are designed to provide seating options around the actual seating needs of individual people. In short: there is a surprising attention to comfort, patterns of use and personal preferences that run deeper than the offbeat and overt aesthetic impact of these furniture objects.couch convertible sofa set

Designed by Philippe Nigro in attached-unit sets, each plays the function of lounge chair, love seat and sofa combined – visually and physically connected-yet-separated.

combined couches design

Like his Confluences series, his Intersections furniture sets also revolve around curiously combined seating designs – but the emphasis is on the points convergence, with each additive overlap highlighted in a new hybrid color rather than subtracted from the design equation.

couch sofa furniture set

The odd angles and offbeat intersections make these playful pieces of furniture deceptively simple and childlike, while in actuality they require a great deal of custom craft work to manufacture and assemble.




Move over hide-a-bed, pull-out couch-beds: get stuffed. The Doc is a simply named convertible sofa that expands into not one but two beds in one: a pair of bunk beds as simple and elegant as the name would suggest. With a variety of color styles and textures this makes a great couch even without the added bonus of being a brilliant piece of transforming furniture.


The transformation process, as these images suggest, is a relatively simple one. The end result looks just as good as a couch in terms of being a potential default configuration – not something one normally sees with convertible furniture in general, let alone fold-out beds in particular.


The finished bunk-bed configuration can be mono-tone or duo-tone depending upon the sheets chosen and comes complete with a safety bar and step ladder for the upstairs sleeper. The cushions from the couch configuration be be re-appropriated and applied as decorative pillows to the bed position.




The idea of modularity in design has become associated with cool, creative

and cutting-edge – but simplicity in style and minimization of parts are at the

heart of some of the best modular furniture designs. Many draw on existing

design examples and elemental materials to create new forms with increased



A few simple pieces, that each use similar and simple constituent elements, are

combined in this straightforward modular Community Couch design to allow all

kinds of creative configurations and unique design arrangements.


What might look in the abstract like a clever formal exercises proves in practice to be

a remarkably functional, adaptible and engaging sofa design. Users can grab a piece

here or there, twist and turn their chosen module and thus interact with and continually

recreate their spaces and claim spaces in their environment.


Innovative Sofa

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Must Have

Innovative Sofa